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Crystal Quasar

Crystal Confetti Scoop

Crystal Confetti Scoop

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Introducing the Crystal Confetti Scoop, a delightful package filled with a surprise mix of crystal treasures! This 5oz scoop guarantees at least one Mystery Capsule, one Chip Bracelet, six Tumbles, and Crystal Chips. Let your curiosity run wild as each scoop is completely random - we cannot guarantee which specific materials you'll receive.

The Mystery Capsule is the highlight of this product. Each capsule contains a random selection of beaded bracelets, towers, spheres, slabs and carvings. You might also uncover palm stones or even raw stones/geodes! The excitement never ends as each Mystery Capsule holds an unpredictable surprise.

This product comes straight from the United States under the expert handiwork of Crystal Quasar - no need for any warranty type! Get yours now and experience unparalleled excitement with every single scoop.

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