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Crystal Quasar

Carnelian Palm Stone

Carnelian Palm Stone

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Natural carnelian.

A variety of chalcedony, carnelian is a microcrystalline quartz. It is formed from the intergrowth of two silica minerals: quartz and moganite. Carnelian appears in a vibrant range of red orange to brown-reds and is translucent. It can sometimes be confused with jasper, however there are two key differences between the two. Jasper will always be opaque whereas carnelian can be nearly opaque to translucent. Also, jasper also usually exhibits a multicolored pattern that carnelian does not.

This item is approximately 6cm wide and weighs 76g.

This palm stone is a gorgeous red orange color with deep red banding. It has a unique pattern on one side and a lovely closed druzy on the other. A beautiful piece to add to any collection.

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