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Crystal Quasar

Tree Agate Cube

Tree Agate Cube

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Natural tree agate carving.

Tree agate is a chalcedony with dendritic inclusions of green minerals, manganese and iron oxides. Often, tree agate is confused with moss agate, but there are two key differences between them. One being the degree of clarity, moss agates are often translucent whereas tree agates are completely opaque. The other difference is the inclusion colors, moss agate can have multicolored inclusions and tree agate is only found with green inclusions. A truly magnificent stone, with it's inclusions spanning across its surface like tree branches.

This item is approximately 2.5" on each side and weighs 626g.

This cube shaped carving is truly a statement piece. With its dark green inclusions against a stark white setting, it'll surely stand out in any collection. It does have a couple of open druzy spots that give this piece that little sparkle to it as well. A wonderful statement piece to add to your collection.

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