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Crystal Quasar

Pink Amethyst & Flower Agate Tower

Pink Amethyst & Flower Agate Tower

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Natural pink amethyst and flower agate tower.

Pink amethyst and flower agates are both part of the quartz family. Pink amethyst gets its lovely pink color from inclusions of hematite. Flower agate has gorgeous natural plume inclusions made of chalcedony. It is mostly found in shades of pink, but can also be found in purple, blue, red, white and other colors. The two make a stunning combination, a must have for every collection.

This item is approximately 4" tall and weighs 128g.

This lovely tower exhibits pink and purple plumes mixed with pink amethyst. It has open and closed druzy all around giving this tower is exceptionally sparkly appearance with the glittery pink amethyst. A stunning piece to add a little bling bling to any collection.

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