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Crystal Quasar

Ocean Jasper Tower

Ocean Jasper Tower

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Natural ocean jasper tower.

Ocean jasper, also known as orbicular jasper, is a silicon dioxide mineral and is part of the quartz family. It can be found in many different colorations due to different environmental factors, usually in banded or "orbital" patterns. It has been found in multiple colors such as green, red, white, pink, and purple. Some specimens have inclusions of chalcedony or other quartz minerals as well.

This item is approximately 4.5" tall and weighs 215g.

 This beautiful tower is mostly white in color with a band of purple. It also has some green and orange speckles around the tower, giving this tower a very unique appearance. It has some quartz inclusions on multiple sides giving this tower a sparkle to it. A wonderfully unique piece to add to any collection.

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