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Crystal Quasar

Moss Agate Tower

Moss Agate Tower

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Natural moss agate tower.

Moss agate is a variety of chalcedony, part of the quartz family. Despite its name, it does not contain organic matter, instead the moss-like pattern is formed from dendritic inclusions. The colors of this amazing crystal vary depending on the amount of minerals and metals present, giving each piece an extraordinary unique appearance.

This item is approximately 8.25" tall and weighs 417g.

This elegant tower is tall and thin with white banding and a little blue banding as well. The dark green inclusions on this piece are very dense with a small amount of orange inclusions. It has a closed druzy along the side and bottom that exhibits dazzling big rainbows. This piece does have some natural cracking but it does not take away from the beauty of this tower. A wonderful tower to add to any collection.

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