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Crystal Quasar

Large Druzy Agate Tower

Large Druzy Agate Tower

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Natural druzy agate tower.

Agate is a group of silicate minerals that are mostly made up of chalcedony. Primarily formed in cavities, layers of silicate minerals build up over time. These layers often have subtle differences in mineral content giving the agate a banded appearance. A druzy is sets of tiny crystals that form on the surface of another stone. These intergrowths, or clusters, can be formed by many different minerals including quartz and amethyst.

This item is approximately 8" tall and weighs 591g.

This tall beauty is composed of a brown agate with two green bands. The majority of this tower is a stunning closed quartz druzy that exhibits a ton of gorgeous rainbows all throughout.  At the top of this tower there is a unique natural tunnel formation that you can clearly see the entirety of. A truly beautiful and unique piece to add to any collection.

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