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Crystal Quasar

Garden Quartz Freeform

Garden Quartz Freeform

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Natural garden quartz freeform.

Garden quartz, also known as lodolite or inclusion quartz, is a silicate mineral and part of the quartz family. It is made up of clear quartz with multiple inclusions of various feldspar, hematite, chlorite, iron and many other minerals. It will often look like underwater scenes, landscapes  and gardens. The possibilities of this crystal are endless, no two specimens of garden quartz will ever be the same. 

This item is approximately 2" wide and 1.5" tall, weighing 57g.

This beautiful freeform is clear with dark green, purple, red and orange inclusions. A dazzling piece, these inclusions sparkle and flash at every angle. There are also wonderful rainbows all around this piece. A stunning addition to any collection.

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