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Crystal Quasar

Fluorite Slab

Fluorite Slab

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Natural fluorite slab.

Fluorite is a halide mineral composed of calcium and fluorine. Naturally occurs in all colors of the spectrum; it can appear translucent-to-transparent in a banded pattern and also multicolored. The color variations are caused by different impurities, while pure fluorite is colorless. 

This item is approximately 6.25" wide and weighs 435g.

This beautiful slab has a wonderful green and purple banding pattern, giving it the appearance of a mountain range. It also has a little bit of white and blue banding as well, but not as prominent as the dark purple and green. This slab has a few white feathers in it as well, like clouds around the mountain. It exhibits lovely rainbows mostly around the bottom. While this slab does have a flat bottom, it has a hard time standing on its own, so a slab stand is included with purchase. 

The item shown is the one you will receive.

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